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We are a small company focusing on helping to maximize your mountain bike experience.  It doesn't matter if it it's your first time on a trail or if you are a seasoned veteran, our guides want to help you to have a fun experience on a mountain bike!


Barrett hoover - lead guide

"I began mountain biking in my last year of high school.  As I went through college I became more and more obsessed with riding bikes!  I used internships as opportunities to explore the country to find the best trails!  After graduating with my Mechanical Engineering degree, I rode across the country with a charity group called Bike & Build.  I actually met my wife, Jenna, on the trip.  After plenty of searching, we decided to move to Brevard because of the amazing trails and great environment.  I love being with people and seeing the joy that riding bikes can bring to anyone!  Playing in the woods on your bike is the best!" 

Certifications - PMBI Level 1 Instructor, Wilderness First Aid & CPR


Jenna Hoover 

Jenna didn't pick up riding bikes until after college when she decided to ride her bike across the country.  Seriously, that's exactly what she did.  She met a guy on that trip (see above) who was way too into mountain bikes and they got married.  Jenna is a Family Nurse Practitioner who is passionate about health, fitness, & nutrition (& puppies).  She loves seeing women getting out on the trails!    

Certifications - Family Nurse Practitioner, Wilderness First Aid & CPR  


Tricia Davis

Riding on two wheels for as long as she can remember, Tricia knows what it takes to have fun on a bike.  Riding, racing, coaching and bringing groups together is her passion.  She’s done it all over the world, but Brevard is home now and Tricia can show you why she and her husband, Chad have finally decided to settle down in this incredible riding town! Tricia is Canadian, but don’t hold that against her.  (Greencard available upon request.)

Certifications - Physical Therapist, USA Triathlon and USA Cycling Certified Coach, CPR


Chad Davis

Preferring mountain biking above all other activities, Chad truly has a singletrack mind!  He and his wife Tricia run the mountain bike inspiration website www.crankjoy.com.  Training rides, group rides or exploration are what Chad looks forward to, especially if it involves linking together some or all of the best trails in the region. He's up for an adventure 24-7 and has the inside scoop on all things mountain biking, having raced as a professional and worked in the bike industry for many years.

Certifications - USA Cycling Certified Coach, CPR



Native of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, this forty-something-year-old moved to the area initially for two primary reasons: The first, he accepted a wilderness therapy and family work position at Eckerd Youth Alternatives Inc., which happened to be surrounded by the waterfalls and beautiful trails of DuPont State Recreational Forest. The second reason that led to him embedding is that the rock-climbing and kayaking in Western North Carolina is phenomenal. Both of which he was “pretty good at” back in the day. Yuri has grown up with a bike of one sort or another being central to his life.  He was fortunate to have taken the first mountain-biking physical education class offered by Penn State University in 1994. Preferring single-speeds due to their simplicity and ease of maintenance, Yuri has accomplished several big feats on one gear including the Off-Road Assault on Mount Mitchell, SWANK, the Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race, and Double-Dare. In the last few years he seems to be switching gears, taking a break from competitive bike racing and moving in the direction of pushing his body and mental limits through long-distance trail-running. Often he practices skipping stones across the Davidson River, rides longboards, plays disc golf, visits “all the parks” or just rides bike with his son Ollie. Sometimes they shoot “bows and arrows.” They always have fun.  

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