5 Reasons to Demo a bike in Brevard, North Carolina!

Everyone loves the feeling of going on a mountain bike vacation and finding amazing new trails that leave you grinning ear to ear!  Part of the fun is just riding trails that are new and different.  The same can be said for riding a demo bike!  Riding a state of the art carbon wonder-bike just makes those new trails that much more fun!!  Take advantage of riding a nice new demo bike to help make the most out of your vacation!

5 Reasons to Rent a bike for your trip to Western North Carolina:

1.  Traveling is hard enough without hauling a bike hundreds (or thousands) of miles.  Trying to bring bikes along with everything else on your vacation can be a major pain.  Rent a bike here in town and you can even store it at the shop each evening.  (If you rent a bike, we can haul it to the trail for you and show you around, no bike rack needed!)


2.  New technology is rad!  Everything keeps getting better on mountain bikes each year.  Suspension, brakes, shifting, etc.  It just keeps getting better.  


3.  Confidence & Comfort.  Your hard tail may be perfect for your trails at home, but a full suspension can definitely help smooth out the bumps on our rooty trails here in Brevard.  The newer “plus” bikes with super wide tires can help to add even more confidence to your ride!


4.  The right bike.  Our local shops will help you to get on the right bike for the trails you want to ride!  From proper suspension set up to tire selection, they know how to help you get the most out of your trip!


5.  Find your new bike!  Demoing different bikes is quite simply the best way to find your next mountain bike! You can read reviews all day, but until you spend some time in the saddle you’ll never know if it’s the bike for you.  Jenna rode over a dozen bikes this past year before she landed on the perfect bike for her riding style!  Have fun with it!


If you are planning a mountain bike vacation to Brevard, NC we would love to help you to have the most fun possible!  The shops can get you get the most out of the bike, and we can help you get the most out of the trails!  Don’t worry about hauling the bike you ride week in and week out all the way here, rent a fresh demo from a shop here in Brevard, and then let us show you around!  No stress, just good times on the trails!!  

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